Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Jazzfest 2005

Me, J.K. and Sam Baker at the 2nd weekend of the 2005 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest. We were at the Acura Stage watching the Dave Mathews Band. Skies were kinda cloudy but my girlfriend and I welcomed it considering we were sunburnt from the day before.

Passover 2005

Passover 2005: My father presiding over the pesach table for first seder. My brother and sister in law prepared their first seder together at their apartment in Stamford, CT. My parents came up from Miami and Lael and Dani made a wonderful meal. Lael and Dani prepared the traditional hard boiled egg, gefilte fish, maroar (bitter herbs - horseradish), matzoh, shankbone and non-traditional but very yummy roast, matzoh ball soup and I made a greek haroset recipe that was pretty darn good (link). I probably forgot another dish that they made, but thats because they were all so good. Here's another pic of the roast that they made and you can see what was left of the greek haroset in the background.